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What Are Fast Braces?

The Fast Braces method of orthodontic treatment is actually comprised of two elements. First, there is the actual orthodontic appliances that are affixed to your teeth. These are very similar in appearance and function to a set of traditional metal or ceramic braces. The appliances consist of a set of brackets which are fastened one-by-one to the outer-facing side of each tooth with a strong dental adhesive.

The brackets themselves are slightly different than those of traditional braces in order to more effectively work with the advanced method of adjustment used in the Fast Braces process. These special brackets are then connected by a wire that runs through each bracket on your top teeth, and a second wire running through the brackets on your bottom teeth. Incremental adjustments are made to the appliances to apply pressure to the teeth and gradually reposition them over time.

The second element of Fast Braces is a series of treatment sessions that utilize advanced subsonic wave and phototherapy methods that aid in the acceleration of the movement of the teeth towards their final position. These special treatments are the key to achieving results in a far shorter timeline when compared to traditional orthodontics, as they allow the pressure from the appliances to more effectively move the teeth to the new locations with less effort and in less time.

How Do Fast Braces Work?

The secret to the accelerated treatment timeline of Fast Braces is the unique combination of advanced orthodontic appliance design and supplementary therapy targeting the biological components that hold your teeth in position, also known as the dental arches. This two-faceted approach to orthodontic treatment drastically reduces the necessary time to achieve the desired results when compared to traditional methods.

The subsonic and phototherapy sessions help to stimulate cells in the body called osteoclasts and osteoblasts, which aid in the removal and deposition of bone. By stimulating the activity of those cells, the bone in the treatment area of the dental arches changes shape faster and more effectively, helping to further shorten the time needed to complete the repositioning of the teeth.

In some cases, the Fast Braces accelerated orthodontic treatment can be completed in half the time that it would take traditional braces to achieve the same results. This substantial time difference is the main reason why Fast Braces have gained so much popularity, and why those patients who choose this method are so satisfied with the results they attain through this approach.

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